Meditating on the Beach


I am a leadership development strategist and career coach who is passionate about helping my clients further their careers by shifting their attitudes and formulating practical action plans to solidify career goals and aspirations. I work with clients across all sectors at any level in their career. I work with individuals and business executives, challenging them to level up, hit new milestones, find solutions to daily leadership challenges, and help new parents to experience a seamless return to work plan.


Before I took up executive coaching and leadership development, I spent several years as a strategic human resources consultant. Since 2005, I have been advising consultants at top tier consulting firms as well as tech and healthcare leaders.


I also partner with aspiring coaches, passing my knowledge, skills, and experience to them. In career coaching and consultancy space, it is understandable for someone to have self-doubt, insecurities, and lack of confidence. However, I take it as a tacit mandate to help budding coaching consultants work toward accredited status in the industry.


Side note - I am a down-to-Earth mother to a beautiful daughter and a crazy rescue pup and wife to my amazing tech  husband. I also am a certified yoga teacher, have a master’s in organizational development and am a huge Beatles fan.